Journey to the Sore?

11 March 2009 at 11:11 pm (Uncategorized)

SABC3 featured a large slice of indigestible feel-good woo-woo this evening at 21:30.  It is called “Journey to the Core,” a weekly half-hour feature about “special” individuals who are particularly adept at fooling others about their hardships and resultant “soulfulness.” A variety of self-styled “experts” and gurus (no quotes necessary for that term) like Baruch Banai get an opportunity to wax philosophical in great gobs of solemn but nonetheless asinine goo over the “specialness” of the weekly recipient of a fondle-fest of slick ego-stroking and unalloyed ingratiation. They also get an opportunity to self-promote, but that may just be the cynic among us talking… 😉

Such programmes rile us.


And then some. Oh, would that we could be such solemnly wonderful people. The slings of reason thwart us so.

So, after tracking down the host website, one of us fired off the following missive to their feedback line:

I find this type of egregious and total disregard for the methods of science and rational discipline deeply insulting, as would, I think, anyone with half a brain. Such New Age nonsense, where “you can be as ignorant, stupid, vague, ridiculous, foolish, inaccurate, superstitious and open-ended as you like,” is just a substitute for religion that has crawled down a hole of its own absurdity. These foolishnesses you punt, like “dream mapping” and “spirituality” and so on, are entirely bereft of any formal rigour and are thus no more than intellectually bankrupt we-do-it-because-it-thrills-us endeavours to be indulged in at whim. The person who can reliably demonstrate the validity of “dream mapping” stands to make one million US dollars from the James Randi Educational Foundation (JREF). But nooo, you people will invent any excuse to avoid meeting your evidentiary obligations.

You all take the benefits of science for granted but apparently fail to realise the magnitude and the nature of the effort that produced them. Those would be the selfsame benefits that make it possible for you to spit on science as “unsatisfactory” in the first place. You should at least think about that before taking the preposterous assertions of self-appointed charlatans like Baruch Banai as gospel. You’re so engrossed with finding ever more novel ways of feeling good that you forget to think and sacrifice your critical faculties on the altar of mental lassitude. Feeling good is not enough. You also have to anticipate the future with this thing called “reason.”

You people would be a joke if your lunacy wasn’t so dangerous to the future of humanity.

Fat lot of good it will do, though.


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