Danie Krügel ― Saint or Scallywag?

12 October 2008 at 7:08 pm (Uncategorized)

Danie Krügel is a South African ex-policeman who says he’s able to track a missing person using a sample of hair or DNA and his silver carrycase that contains The Big Secret, i.e. his unique technology. He has used the terms “signature material,” “quantum,” “GPS” and “secret power source” at opportune moments when asked about his marvellous machine. Media vehicles like newspapers and television have, as is their habit with fringe science, tended to lap Danie Krügel’s claims up entirely uncritically.

As is usual in such cases, Danie Krügel has strongly polarised others’ opinions regarding the feasibility of what he claims to be able to do. On one side is the rather swollen peanut gallery of uninformed New Age dupes rallying behind a—in their parochial view—Galileo-candidate, one more in an interminable succession of such, clamouring, “It’s possible, it’s possible! Science can’t prove everything. Look at how many people he’s already helped!”

On the opposite side are the sceptics, rationalists and scientists, including yours truly, who strongly doubt that Danie Krügel has stumbled onto something so revolutionary while tinkering in his garage. We would like some actual and credible proof, please, before buying into something this big — proof whose provision Danie Krügel has, so far, successfully avoided, evaded and generally connived his way around.

Now, a group of South African Sceptics has put up a “Stop Danie Krügel” website that aims to put pressure on Danie Krügel so that he will perhaps agree to being tested before accepting any more missing persons cases. Equally important is the website’s function as a consolidated resource of Danie Krügel’s cases, which are examined briefly on an individual basis. It hopes to improve awareness of some very important questions people should ask themselves before asking Danie Krügel for his help.

Please amble over there and lend your support to this worthy initiative in the name of reason.


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